Comb. v/d Horst-Stel
The Dutch branch of Gunter Prange

Combination van der Horst - Stel. 
The Dutch branch of Gunter Prange, the master of der Ringlose and der 261.

Welcome to our website, we of combination van der Horst-Stel want you to get acquainted with us and our pigeons which largely consist of pigeons from Gunter Prange from Meppen and especially with the line of der Ringlose and der 261.

We are Gina Stel & Richard van der Horst and have been officially playing with pigeons together since 2018 under the name combination van der Horst-Stel, since 2012 Gina is already involved in the pigeons which for 90% consist of the lines of Gunter Prange his Ringlose.

Richard has played with pigeons since 2008 (formerly in Hoogersmilde & Ter Apel and now in Nieuw Weerdinge) and has already achieved some nice results since then. 
The preference is for the long distance races, but also on the marathon, a start has been made.

Our pigeons consist for 90% of the pigeons of Gunter Prange from the German town of Meppen, where we have built up a very good and valuable friendship, from all top stockbirds of this Grand-Master there are pigeons on our breeding and racing loft, Pigeons from among others der 2100, der 261, Several grandchildren of der Ringlose like from der 66, der 77, der 88, der 99, der 2000, der 1800, der 1900, der 666 etc. (all direct children of der Ringlose). Pigeons that have been dominating in Germany for years on the middle distance and extreme middle distance flights that are the pigeons of Gunter Prange.

Other pigeons that are present in our loft are for example Gebr.van den Brande, Rik Hermans both Belgium and since 2017 the incredible pigeons from Henk Simonz & Peter Crans. In 2018 a number of pigeons have been brought in to cross against the Prange pigeons but this is still waiting to see what they will do at our lofts. They will be extensively tested in the coming years.For the marathon there are pigeons from several fanciers who have helped us really well including Jan van Zwienen these pigeons fit best with us and others are selected again on construction or health. The future will have to show how Jan van Zwienen's pigeons are doing. But trust is there!!